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Postby efgee » 29 Dec 2013, 22:10

Hello, just registered because I felt the need to tell you guys how awesome alphaos has become.
Installed version 14.2 on a Toshiba Portege R835-P56X and the system is very usable.
The laptop specific keys are not working, but wireless, cpu-fan, graphic etc is working just fine.
Even the two finger scroll on the touchpad works :)
BTW: Maybe it's a good idea to have a hardware list in the wiki to show interested persons which hardware works, and which not.

Installed the devel bundle, and also created bundles of webkit and opengl to see if PureBasic (one of my favorite programming languages) would work out of the box - and it did.
So did "hello.c" (gcc), "hello.vala" (valac compiler), "hello.go" (tested with gccgo -g -o hello-go ./hello.go).
Next (when time allows) I will try to install the official go compiler.

What didn't work was to create bundles out of big software packages (libreoffice) because there was not enough room to build it. (frugal install)
Which is sad... Can the size be increased?

More thoughts:
Obviously alphaos is the product of one guy/gal with very special talent in this regard.
This beeing said: Good job!

Questions: What is the goal of this os? What's next? What needs to be done to keep alphaos alive?

Asking because even talented persons need some sort of "fuel" to get going. (money, recognition, fun, etc.)
If there is no "fuel" keeping such a person afloat, a project will die.

Best example is SolusOS Linux which died this fall for several reasons (even though many users loved it...)
It was mostly a "one man show" and "real life", stress (you name it...) got to him.

Which is understandable, because:
1) every one needs money for food, shelter, etc. so a "real" job is needed
2) "burn-out" can set in if every thing is done by one person
3) what started as a fun project can become a chore and "mental blackouts" appear which takes all the fun
4) the older a person gets the more "family needs" arise which need to taken care of
5) etc. (feel free to expand the list..)

Even more thoughts:
What I've read so far (in the forum) is that:
1) alphaos is based off arch (therefore uses pacman)
2) alphaos is 64 bit only
3) alphaos uses openbox and tint2
4) the favorite way to "install/add" applications is to create bundles instead of "normal" installation
5) etc. (feel free to expand the list..)

Which is a good place to start.

So whats next?

Thanks for reading...

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Re: Awesome

Postby john3voltas » 30 Dec 2013, 00:55

Very good 1st post.
You perfectly highlighted some of my concerns over the project being handled by a single person.
What today is a very good OS (far from stable but feature-rich and with a lot of potential) can suddenly die just because it is a one-man-show.
That's why I don't spend much time around alpha these days but I love it (the concept) and I'd use it on all my PC's if some edges weren't so rough such as cpu fans not working as expected and issues with wifi setup.
Hope Sim never let it die.
Happy new year if I don't write anything before the end of 2013.

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