Version 6.0 released 14 May 2013

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Version 6.0 released 14 May 2013

Postby simargl » 17 May 2013, 05:58

Changes in current version:

* freetype and fontconfig compiled with Ubuntu's LCD rendering patches

* added home folder and settings for user alpha

* fixed missing pc file in libmad package

* improved spkg package_search function

* service description (not name) is shown on their boot start up

* iso image is a hybrid which can either be burned to disc or directly written to a USB drive

* upgrades (01_core):
busybox (1.21.0)
cdrtools (3.01a14)
glib2 (2.36.1)
libxml2 (2.9.1)
pciutils (3.2.0)
tzdata (2013c)
zlib (1.2.8)

* upgrades (02_xorg):
libdrm (2.4.44)
libfontenc (1.1.2)
mesa (9.1.2)
xorg-server (1.14.1)

* upgrades (03_extra):
at-spi2-atk (2.8.1)
dbus (1.6.10)
gdk-pixbuf2 (2.28.1)
gtk3 (3.8.1)
harfbuzz (0.9.16)
libbluray (0.3.0)
vte3 (0.34.4)
gparted (0.16.1)
mplayer2 (git+20130309)
ffmpeg (1.2.1)
spacefm (git+20130512)
firefox (17.0.6esr)

* upgrades (04_devel):
binutils (2.23.2)
bison (2.7.1)
gcc (4.8.0)
mercurial (2.6)

* added packages:
notify-osd-0.9.35 (Canonical's on-screen-display notification agent)
libwnck3-3.4.5 (moved from 05_applications)

* removed package: mpg123

* gtk3, atk and pango built with introspection support

* new tint2 theme made with tintwizard (

* added spkg packages_upgrade function

* show spkg package size while it's downloaded

* spmount script is modified to support desktop notifications

* simple-radio now uses mplayer as backend and shows song title notification on radio startup

* help files are in pdf format

* mplayer2 patched to skip pyton3 build requirement and use python2 instead
( ... o/mplayer2).
That patch allowed using latest mplayer2 version from git which supports all
tested media formats: mp4, ogg, ogv, flv, avi, mov, mpg, swf, wmv, mp3, wma.

* added lm_sensors (hardware monitoring program) and service file which loads
needed module (smsc47b397 for my computer) on boot. For others it will be
different module, so you would need to run sensors-detect to find out what
is needed module and manually replace smsc47b397 in /etc/init.d/sensors.
sensors-detect is perl script so make sure devel module is loaded...

* tint2 patched for mouseover effects (

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