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Postby Scooby » 19 Oct 2013, 23:47

I wanted to build virtualbox for Alphaos (12.0 in my case)
But ran into some small problems. Changed a little in the script

Here it is
(2.15 KiB) Downloaded 305 times

* Changed build directory to /tmp/data/backup/vbox
* Added code to solve problems with missing /sbin/modprobe and python
* Updated the above to accomodate more cases.
* Script now checks for latest version on server and uses that
* Changed to xz compressor

Beware beware beware if you build on ntfs, file permissions will not be stored
and you get 777 on all files. VirtualBox refuses to start with these permissions.
Thats why I changed build to /tmp dir

If you build remember to load linux_3.11.4_src.sfs and devel_12.sfs

Dunnow why but sfs_load did not wanta accept the resulting sfs until after a reboot.
I'm running without savefile so maybe reboot got rid off some old stuff that was left after script developement?

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