Save on Exit for alphaOS V12.3

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Save on Exit for alphaOS V12.3

Postby fredx » 08 Nov 2013, 22:18

I really like the new alphaos based on linux-live scripts.
Just a few options I miss comparing to the puppy-setup style.
One of them is the "save on exit" option (as pupmode=13 in puppy)
So, modifying initrfs.img I edited init and lib/livekitlib.
It was easier than I thought it would be, (never had the courage to edit init from puppy) but it probably needs some polishing.
To use this,add "chexit" (without quotes) to your boot options in grub(4dos) or syslinux config.
And more; See info in the README.
EDIT: made correction, new upload:

Hope more cheatcodes gonna come (copy2ram maybe?)

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Re: Save on Exit for alphaOS V12.3

Postby Scooby » 11 Nov 2013, 12:54

fredx wrote:Hope more cheatcodes gonna come (copy2ram maybe?)

there is a "toram" parameter as discussed here

I have created some other flags for personal use for instance "savefile=path/to/savefile" . and modified init to boot directly from iso file.
Started to implement "modules" flag to set modules directory.

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