whiteouts and save-session

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whiteouts and save-session

Postby Scooby » 08 Feb 2014, 22:24


Why is whiteouts removed from savefile during save-session in usbmode?

Is this something that was originally designed for the case when there is
a file /tmp/savefile.txt and then was brought along to usbmode?

I cannot see why something that user decided to delete from lower branch
should be allowed to show again at next boot?

and why is this done only in usbmode?

I understand there could be some problems if you deleted a file and then
there was a whiteout in savefile and you activate another bundle containing this file.
It wouldnt be usuable in the toplayer.

Or was it to save on writes for flashmemory to increase life expectancy?

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Re: whiteouts and save-session

Postby Marv » 09 Feb 2014, 04:35

Scooby, check your PM over there or here for a mea culpa and a possible solution

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Re: whiteouts and save-session

Postby john3voltas » 16 Feb 2014, 18:13

Ah!! Marv.
Where were you mate?

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