Arch move progress

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Arch move progress

Postby simargl » 18 May 2013, 08:58

Next version (7.0) will be based on Arch with pacman as the default package manager, I will remove firefox and gparted, and add pacmanXG GUI for pacman. Other applications like mplayer2, deadbeef, evince, gpicview and Puppy specific like sfs-load and pwireless will stay; system should be usable out of the box. Also I will keep specific things like tint2 with mouse over patch, simple-radio with nice notifications, desktop settings, mounting and wallpaper changer scripts...


I had to recompile mesa package; converted from Arch it was 40 MB :shock:, now is 2.1 MB :), but iso size for now is 162 MB with fast gzip compression.

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Re: Arch move progress

Postby john3voltas » 19 May 2013, 21:55

Woohoooo, arch ftw :mrgreen:

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