Anybody knows about hardware sensors

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Anybody knows about hardware sensors

Postby Scooby » 08 Sep 2015, 19:43


seems like Sim loaded this for his own machine see here:

* added lm_sensors (hardware monitoring program) and service file which loads
needed module (smsc47b397 for my computer) on boot. For others it will be
different module, so you would need to run sensors-detect to find out what
is needed module and manually replace smsc47b397 in /etc/init.d/sensors.
sensors-detect is perl script so make sure devel module is loaded...

I will deactivate this for now.

Hi all,

Anybody know what /etc/rc.d/sensors daemon is good for?

Code: Select all

#!/usr/bin/env bash
description="hardware sensors"
case $1 in
    modprobe smsc47b397 >/dev/null
    rmmod smsc47b397 >/dev/null

I have the module

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> file /usr/lib/modules/4.1.6-ALPHAOS/kernel/drivers/hwmon/smsc47b397.ko.xz
/usr/lib/modules/4.1.6-ALPHAOS/kernel/drivers/hwmon/smsc47b397.ko.xz: XZ compressed data

when I try it I only get

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> modprobe smsc47b397
modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'smsc47b397': No such device

Seems like I do not have the correct hardware?

I am not sure what Sim tried to accomplish here?

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