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Lightweight, portable and flexible operating system

alphaOS is a simple and minimalistic Linux distribution for the x86-64 architecture, built using Linux Live Kit set of scripts developed by Tomas M. It is based on Arch Linux and uses pacman as the default package manager. This operating system features highly configurable and lightweight Openbox window manager. Modular by design, alphaOS makes it easy to add desired functionality.

Standard iso image is around 140 MB and comes with: Firefox, SpaceFM file manager, audio and video players, image and pdf viewers, wireless network manager... Also, it features several home-grown applications written in Vala and GTK+3: Emendo - text editor with syntax highlighting, Simple Radio - play online radio stations from the system tray, Taeni - terminal emulator, and others.

Installation of this operating system to the hard disk or USB flash drive is done as so called "frugal installation", by following provided guide under the Help menu. Installation CD is distributed as hybrid, which you can either burn to a CD or write to a drive using 'dd' command in Linux or programs like 'Win32 Disk Imager' in Windows.

This distribution is not based on Puppy Linux. Before you start writing a review, read the first sentence on this home page. Then, please visit the following web address:, and discover what is Linux Live Kit.

Latest News

alphaOS 15.0

alphaOS 15.0 is built from Arch packages on this date: 2014/04/16. Uses kernel 3.14.1, mesa 10.1, xorg-server 1.15.1. Iso includes Gtk3 programs exclusively, and does not contain any browser. Mplayer2 is removed in favor of mpv as its successor. Connman-ui is the default network manager. Read more...

Version 14.0

Version 14.0 has kernel 3.12.0 and is based on Arch packages from 2013/11/18. Starting from this release alphaOS is a 64-bit only operating system. Instead of eudev in this version is used udev from original systemd package from Arch Linux, kernel is compiled with more modules enabled, and there is boot speed improvement because frisbee network service is started in the background. New boot codes (fresh, noxorg, fsck, usbmode, resize) are added, and there is doc file under the Readme submenu explaining how to use them. Removed is pacmanxg4-bin package.

Switch to Linux Live Kit

I'm very pleased to announce version 12.2 as first ever alphaOS release based on Linux Live Kit. More details in this post.